Tuesday, November 22


Wow, didn't realise I hadn't posted anything since the 6th of November. Well, that just proves how mad life has been lately. I've been finishing up the evening dress - it's so close I can taste it, but needs some hand-sewing - hope to get to that on Thursday. I've had a custom order for three pairs of socks from my etsy shop, and am half way through knitting those. I've done the fronts and back of a sweater for someone for xmas, and need to tackle the sleeves, bands and possibly a hood (which I will have to chart myself).

The only thing I've managed to knit lately is a pair of simple fingerless gloves, which are a perfect fit to wear inside these wrist splints, which are otherwise quite uncomfortable:

I'm supposed to wear them at night because otherwise I get woken at stupid o'clock with a dead arm (as happened this morning). Yeah, I often forget to put them on. The velcro is horrible, and one morning part of my thumb went dead (took a few days for it to heal and get the sensation back). Knitted these from some acrylic at a crafting show in Peterborough. It was more crafts and less textiles but it was a good show and we had a decent sized stand for free too (and all proceeds from tickets went to the British Legion, as it was the day after Remembrance Day.

I was also asked to pick up some knitting machines from a local widower to pass onto someone who'll appreciate them, and whilst I was there he also had a vintage Singer sewing machine in pristine condition but that would not sew. It was so pretty I couldn't resist taking a photo of it:


Look at the engraving:


My mum has one of these, hers is a much earlier version though with the bullet-shaped bobbin casing. I was so tempted to keep it but I really don't have the space :) Anyway, as luck would have it I took it to Manor House machine knitting club and one of the ladies there is an expert and collector - she had it up and running in moments. I think it was threaded wrong, and I'd turned the needle around as it has to be sideways on that machine and I had it in the modern direction :) This has gone to TWAM and I'm sure its new owner will love it.

Spent a lovely day in Brum with an old friend whom I'd not seen in ages as she has been living down in London. She was far more eloquent than I about it here. We only planned it the day before on facebook - himself couldn't come to Birmingham so I'd decided not to go alone, and then Storm Angus threatened to scupper it (but the rain turned up in force yesterday, instead). So have made a bit of a start on the xmas shopping. Can't believe the year has flown so quickly, and trying to force myself into a festive mood because I think we all need a bit of cheering up at the moment! Got some copper tints to my hair so I can't leave home without them haha! :D

Thanks to Facebook I've got a primary school reunion (33 years?) to go to on Friday night, and next week it's the Cog's birthday so there are a few things planned for that too. So, busier than a busy thing, and that's just my personal life. Oh well, gotta keep on keeping on, not long 'til mulled wine and mince pie time! Yay! :D

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