Sunday, December 11

FO: Very Easy Vogue dress 8358

I've struggled to finish the xmas dress, because (a) it was a very tricky fabric in terms of bulk in odd places (it's a patchwork velvet and tulle, on the bias and overlocked) and (b) it became apparent it would be impossible to wear any kind of bra under the dress without it showing, either under the arms or at the back. I have enough boobage that going braless was not going to be an option, neither were stick ons going to work for me. I did try it braless, and ended up with one tucked up into the dress and one swinging free. Not a good look!



Other mods to the pattern - it was supposed to have iron-on interfacing for the bodice, but as the velvet is seethrough in places I opted to line it instead. The pattern calls for a plain stretch-knit fabric, of course, waaay too easy haha!

Luckily, our crafty receptionist at work made a brilliant suggestion - sew an old bra into the dress lining and cut off the straps. I decided it would be better to buy a moulded bra, and as luck would have it Marks sell a two-pack of t-shirt bras, so I've gained a white one into the bargain. Some judicious pinning, tacking and sewing later and the dress is finished. The bra cups were carefully sewn by hand to the lining, so as not to show on the dress fabric. Not sure I wanted to risk damaging my sewing machine. I redid both of the shoulder straps, which were somewhat lumpy, and am pretending I can't see another slightly lumpy bit on one side. I'll just keep my left arm down! The crossover straps aren't completely level, so there's more side-boob on the left than on the right. I should probably have gone a little slower - nothing like a deadline to make you mess up.

If I make this again, I'll allow for a side zip and get proper bra cups sewn into it before making it up, I think. It's perfectly possible to get the dress on, but quite tricky to get back out of it. I'd no intention of unpicking a side seam to add a zip, less than a week before the intended wearing - the lining's been overlocked and the velvet has been double-stitched so it would be somewhat of a nightmare to pull off as there's not much material left in the seam to add a zip to. I would also line the straps instead of using the fashion fabric doubled, it made the joins rather bulky. I've only myself to blame on that score! It IS possible to get it on and off with care. Better not eat too many mince pies!

I also made a stole out of leftover fabric but it was more of a wonky scarf, not sure what I'll do with it.

Wore it to the works xmas do and got lots of compliments from the girls. Not a word from the lads, but then they probably didn't even notice it! Awoke with a very bad head this morning, but feeling almost human now. Just in time to go back to work, doh.

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