Thursday, January 19

FO: Blue wrap top

Or, how to look glamorous in a sack!



This was a free pattern with a sewing magazine (Threadcount 1611), the top looked OK in the pictures, but I doubt I'll ever wear this, it's so oversized I can get it on without undoing the single button! Not the easiest fabric to work with, either. It wasn't very clear which was the front or the back so I ended up with the wrong side showing on the majority of the front, which wasn't the plan. It still needs overlocking because the fabric frays like nobody's business, but I'm not sure I can be bothered. Would be a great top for breastfeeding though as you can undo the button and get a boob out pretty easily!

Modifications: the back hem was supposed to be curved but looked awful, so I made it into a straight hem instead, which does at least sit flat. Now cutting out a man's shirt in plain old cotton and it feels soo much easier to work with!

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