Tuesday, February 7

Argylling about...


Has anyone ever tried knitting argyle on their CSM? I was directed to this scarf (PDF) on the rox4sox website (also linked from my MKTC website, shows you just how much info is up there haha!). The method given means a LOT of ends to darn in afterwards, but I decided (being a fathead) that after each triangle or diamond, I'd knit onto the next position - as I'm fairly sure the extra row won't be TOO obvious. Of course, it was late and I was tired. Having knitted two blue diamonds, the stitches decided that enough was enough and they were going for a jump into space. So I decided to strip the sample off the CSM and call it a night (the other side of this sample ain't NEARLY so neat, haha!).

I'm attending the Circles CSM event in Kegworth on the second weekend in March, and have offered to attempt to demonstrate this technique as the lady who was going to do it has had to drop out. Did you know, that this patterned hose is supposed to mimic the original woven hose, which was made into "socks" and worn on the bias I guess. Also known as diced hose, it is supposed to be baggy, because of course, woven fabric doesn't curl around legs nor stretch/shrink to fit curvy calves! Of which I have a pair (I used to cycle a LOT!) :)

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