Tuesday, July 4


Remember the long-sleeved top I made here? Fate seems determined I shall never get to wear it again. Got it out of the washing machine and there was a stain right in the middle of it - washed it again, and not only has the stain not gone, but a new one has turned up. Not impressed!

I'm currently sewing a grey shift dress, and am having a bit of a nightmare with the sleeves. First I put them in back to front - and had overlocked them, so unpicking was fun! Then I tacked them in the right way round - all seemed well, but once sewn in, they still pull funny at the shoulders.

Either the dress becomes sleeveless, or it goes into the circular file. I hope it's the former!

This is the dress:

In other news, I've been asked to knit some toys for a work colleague's impending arrivals in September - an anime bunny called "Totoro". I've never made amigurumi before, so it'll be a learning experience.

Weird dream last night that I discovered we'd got a second cat, a female tortie, who had somehow hidden in our house and lived on Eddie's leftovers. Bizarre! He snuggled up for the second time this morning, only a few minute on me as I lay in bed, but it's progress. Purring away too! :)

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