Monday, August 7

FO: Cabled socks and hats from leftovers

I had some leftovers, so made these:


These have been finished a while, but I mislaid them. My own design:


Lesson learned - write down what you did the first time, otherwise the second sock won't match. Some yarn from Sparkleduck.

Over the weekend I finished sewing a summery wrap dress - watch the weather turn to autumn this week, ha ha. I also made a halterneck top from the leftovers, just put it together for fun. Pictures to follow.

Had a brief panic I'd lost my Knitpro softouch 4.5mm hook (even went online to figure out what colour it was) and discovered an unfinished zigzag baby blanket, which is now being worked on. Got some yarn on order, hoping it arrives today, for two more crochet projects.

Waiting on a stitch dropper, paid the customs charge on the 27th and still no sign of it. What gives, Royal Mail?! Not impressed! Redelivery in two working days, my behind!

Current mood: thoughtful

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