Sunday, September 10

Inspirational - Dream Week 2017

If anyone reading this is wondering why I haven't posted in a while, it's because I've been on holiday. One week in Centerparcs, then the last ever Dream Week (sob!), with the likes of Tony Bennett, Bill King, Erica Thomson and John Blakeman. Sorry that the competition photos aren't great, my camera wasn't too happy with the light levels in the room.

Proto-tassel and cord - Erica's class.

Logcabin on the machine - John taught two "spiral" themed classes, the other being Diana Sullivan's tam.

Gloves from the challenge yarn made into an entire outfit.

Tony Bennett's entry - bikini and poncho

It won't be running again, although we did talk about trying to organise something at another venue at some point. It will be missed, not least because it's the one week of the year I can show off my knitwear and it's appreciated!

Came back and started work on a sideways-knitted knitweave jacket - I've had to create my own graph using Knitware and the knit radar, as I could not match the gauge on my machine with that of the Karabee pattern. Having drawn it up on some paper I bought online for Lutterloh drafting, I then found some blank sheets for the KR. Oh well! So far I've done the back and 1.5 fronts. Having not done knitweave on the SK840 before, it's actually quite meditative.

I do have some finished objects to show, that will have to wait for another post.

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