Monday, September 18

Some more finished objects...

...this time, slightly better photographs. Though, the light is surprisingly not great even at 4.30pm now! Ack, I'm not a winter person, and despite the Cog keep saying "well, we might have an indian summer!" the temperatures are definitely downwards already...

...and in no particular order:

Purple socks begun some time ago and rose socks made as part of the demo during dream week.

The neat wave blanket progresses - it's still at that twisty stage.

Apols for the slightly odd angle, the finished midgauge sweater with woven details. Think I'd like to do this again but use a different colour for the woven sections, it's a little too subtle.

Completed tam, blocking around a side plate. Yes, my ironing board cover probably DOES need a wash...


Two shots of my beach bag design, which I might write up into a pattern to sell.

Went for a second game of badminton last night, and despite pre-booking a particular court, another group were already on it. I don't know how, because the evening peak slots are 40 minutes and all start at the same time, it is not possible for anyone to have a different slot - and they were there before us, and they were still there when we left. Someone's extracting the you-know-what I think. Next time I will stand my ground - I had a receipt, they didn't bother to show theirs. The game was good, but was nervous we were going to get kicked off court 5 at any moment. I like to do things by the book, utterly English, you know... :)

The staff don't "police" the courts (most of them have gone home I think) and the poor girl on the desk was overrun and not much help. Not a problem - court 5 was free - but we wasted five minutes queuing at the desk. Isn't it always the way, when there's a big queue, two people in front of you want to find out all about the gym joining options, or have some other, really complicated query. There's this thing called the internet, you know... you might try it?! Pretty sure there are leaflets, too.

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