Tuesday, December 5

Not dead


Just busy, busy, busy! This is mark 2 of the kilt hose - 4cm longer in the leg (which is actually a lot more rows because it stretches a LOT when worn) and a few more rows to the foot. Hopefully this pair are closer (yes, they are a pair, the other one is not in the shot, obviously!). Of course, because I only had a few hours free on Sunday, the first one went wrong at almost every point it could have gone wrong. It was almost as if I'd forgotten how to use the CSM! I was quite tired, though. They look very long when off, the top bit is folded over.

Having been to my GP about lack of sleep, I've been told no exercise after 4pm - which is very funny, seeing as I finish work at 4pm - and sent for a blood test form for hyperthyroidism. Pah. I have no trouble sleeping in the summer after a gym workout, so I'm afraid I will have to take that with a very large pinch of salt. And having skipped the gym last night, I STILL did not sleep well. Feh. Still, at least it meant I got the kilt hose done!

Current mood: relieved

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