Friday, January 19

Better late than never...


I finally got around to getting a picture of this skirt, it wasn't even entered into Ravelry for some reason. It's two Tony Bennett half-hour shawls, sewn together with some elastic added. Pretty much one whole cone of Grigna was used (and most of the needle bed). The fringe is knitted at the same time by leaving a bunch of needles out of work at one end and then having one in work - that stitch is then dropped. I seem to have cut the loops and I've also done a line of sewing (zigzag stitch) along the fringed edge to prevent it ever coming undone. Yeoman's Grigna is a kind of boucle yarn though so it's not as prone as it could be.

I picked up a few more cones of this lovely yarn, they do single colours too (this is grey with white slubs) and I see more skirts in my future.

Himself is away snowboarding, and it's perishing outside, and my shoulder/neck/back are playing up again - I'm still not sleeping well and am fighting the urge to feel somewhat sorry for myself. I foresee a treat of some nice chocolate and wine after the gym later!

Current mood: sore

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