Thursday, January 4

Happy New Year!

Bit belated this one, but there you go... I didn't punish myself with lots of xmas knitting projects this year. December got so busy that all I was capable of was small handknit projects anyway. I made two twirly scarves from that mesh yarn, which I totally failed to photograph, and the silver scarf I made a few weeks ago went to Mum. The only other thing (and I meant to get a decent photo, and didn't) were some shopping bags (from the Morsbag pattern) for various friends and family. The bags were made from two fat quarter packs I picked up in September.


I was also very pleased that the second attempt at kilt hose on the CSM resulted in these:

kilt hose

Oh, I had a new smartphone for xmas, and it's on the large side, so I had to make it a new case - and luckily, I had a swatch hanging around from the aforementioned kilt hose experiments:


Xmas passed by fairly quietly, with far too much good food and drink consumed, and rather a lot of TV watched. The grand (but vague) plans to knit up a storm on the knitting machines never transpired. Sometimes you have to just do as your brain wants and slob out! I slept loads, which was nice - back to work and the sleep is wrecked again, clearly I need to take (very early!) retirement. Bah!

I have some plans for new projects this year, but as I've got a few custom sock orders for the etsy shop on the go, they will have to wait.

Current mood: awake (just!)

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retiredcountyagent said...

I discovered your Treasure Chest site several years ago (WONDERFUL!!), but only started reading your blog over the weekend. What a treat! Thank you for sharing your life and textile addiction over the years. Happy New Year from Nancy from US.