Saturday, January 27


You know, you never realise that parts of your body have weight. You swan about with your fancy brain, doing stuff, kind of forgetting that without your limbs you'd be completely trapped and bored, and life would be completely different.

Yeah, I managed to tear something in my shoulder on the 17th, hefting my sewing machine into the boot of my car. It's a Husquvarna - it's pretty heavy, and I am an idiot. Because later on last week, I did a 4.5 hour stint on the knitting machine, and a gym workout, which has probably made the tear a bit worse - before I realised it wasn't just a sore muscle. Oops. Oops indeed.

So this weekend, earmarked for "end of January, bank account low, stay at home machine knitting" is going to be for something else. Tidying, maybe. Perhaps a jigsaw?

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the corner sulking...

Current mood: depressed and feeling dumber than a box of rocks

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