Sunday, October 21

Lost and found: mojo

Realised I haven't posted on here much this month. Life has been busy - actually, life is no busier than usual, but with the declining sunlight and various other things, my reaction to things suddenly makes me feel very busy and in fact too busy to cope (which is silly). I'm working on a lace shawl (Glimmer) and the easy bit is done - garter stitch with short-rowing in the middle. Now it's a 4 row lace pattern worked on the edge. It's one of those tricky lace patterns where EVERY row something is happening, there are no plain rows, so the edging is growing verrrrryyyy slowly as I've had to frog back a few times - and yes, that was WITH lifelines. It's the worst feeling in the world to spot a dropped stitch in lace when it's beneath the last life line. Gah! I try and do a few repeats in the car in the morning, when I'm in the carpark - but the last few days I've either not had the time or my body has demanded a comfort break so progress is slow.

I've been working on granny squares for a blanket I am making - but the crochet hook has gone missing! Bah! Wednesday night I ended up just knitting a garter stitch dishcloth because that's all I had with me and all I felt I could cope with. I do also have cross-stitch and tapestry on the go - I started them when I had a bout of RSI last year.

I've got plans for more projects, of course - I've even got yarn for an xmas jumper this year - and there's a black chenille jumper on the machine at the moment. It's stalled. I'll get back to it.

Oh, I had a go at spinning yesterday with "In the Wool Shed" in Kenilworth - really, really cool! I kept stressing over how bad my singles were, but when plyed it was actually fairly balanced. Think it might become a coaster or something :) Then my friend and I when for a lovely lunch :) Came home and chilled out on the sofa, and then G and I cooked risotto with chorizo and mushrooms. A perfect day! I will try and post a picture of my mini skein later...

Having reconnected with a good friend I've been grieving for all summer, and having realise the anxiety is kicking in again a bit, I've just come back from an amazing yoga class or "forest bath" with Hannah where we communed with the trees. It might sound wacky but it was really good and I enjoyed it, so I don't care! ;P It's just a pity I work full time otherwise I'd do more. Baby steps!

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