Monday, December 10


Still very little to report, I'm afraid. The week's holiday was ok. The following weekend we had 4 days in Munich. Saturday was a fun touristy day - xmas markets, wandering around the shops with the obligatory visit to C&A - apparently jeans that cover my Rubenesque bottom are NOT in style any more - phooey to that, I bought nothing! Then an evening visit to a massive bierkellar, where we made fast friends with two guys having a late meal on our table. It was all very friendly and not at all like a beery night in the UK, where one would possibly fear for one's safety at the end of the night. I managed to forget to pack my usual size SD cards and 1gb runs out very quickly, even more so when shooting RAW & JPG at ISO800. Idiot.

Sunday (it rained all morning) we were down to earth with a bump when I realised the hotel was about two blocks away from the heart of the National Socialist empire, where it all started. There was a very thorough museum which we could have spent all day at, but hunger called us away after a few hours. I studied this at school aged 15-16 but had forgotten that Munich was the place.

Monday the weather was nice again and G took me to the Englisch garden, a massive park where one can surf (it has two lakes), there's yet another xmas market complete with curling rink. We had to check out at lunchtime as our original return flight the day after had been cancelled, so we had to shorten the trip by one day. There were xmas markets everywhere, even out of town, so one could easily spend a week here and not see everything. Luton airport was also a nightmare on the way back, way to make your passengers feel like so much cattle - got a lovely whack on the bum from the overloaded transfer coach back to the carpark. Apparently they'd decided to combine two coaches into one and we were suddenly at the BACK of the wrong queue. Useless bunch. MOO.

Consequently, I've not had (a) much sleep and (b) any time to knit or crochet. I've tentatively started a fairly simple crochet scarf, but the yarn wouldn't have fit into the suitcase so I didn't even try. DSLR cameras do take up space, alas!

The xmas sweater has hit a dead end, it doesn't seem to matter which tension I use, the yarn is definitely felting thus it is NOT superwash (see next post). Very disappointing. I might try it on the midgauge, but it is too late for Dec 14th. Friday I have an xmas t-shirt to wear instead, though I may customise it. I've also stood down from moderating some groups on Ravelry because I'm so far behind with reading messages - and I've little enthusiasm to catch up at the moment. The sad thing is, I've hardly posted since mid October and nobody had actually noticed - but then the group has become a lot bigger since I joined I suppose, which is no bad thing. MK is alive and well, but only online :(

On the positive side, the xmas shopping is pretty much done already bar one or two items, and ditto the cards. Asides from wrapping everything and finishing decorating the house (so far we have some lights and a bit of tinsel, no tree), I'm pretty much done.

So - this might well be the last post of 2018, and I'm not sorry - it's not been a great year, all things considered, though not for yarny reasons. I'll try and get a picture of my xmas swatches for next time! :D

Current mood: indescribable - a mix of winter blues, tiredness, anxiety

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