Sunday, January 6

Happy New Mojo?

Well, despite all the subconscious plans to the contrary, I've had almost a fortnight's holiday from work and done precious little in the way of crafting. In my (admittedly poor) defence, the Cog's xmas present to himself was both an Amazon Firestick and a NowTV stick - he's desperate to be able to watch Eurosports without having to mirror it from his laptop, a feature which recently seems to have stopped working with our TV. The NowTV stick includes a free month of Sky Cinema so we've been lapping up films while we can - so therefore no machine knitting in the chilly front bedroom. I've made two crocheted scarves and yesterday I made some MK fingerless gloves. Photos to follow. I'm planning on getting rid of a few accessories this year so the Hague Linker is for sale on Ravelry.

Not sure if the mojo is back, but am quietly cautious. Back to work tomorrow, boo! :) No, I've missed the routine, and I'm totally fed up with rich food (and there's STILL xmas cheese in the fridge!)

Happy New Year, and may your crafting mojo return sooner rather than later! :D

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