Sunday, June 2

FO: batik top


First top I've made with a Prima pattern, and first bit of sewing I've done in a while - it came out quite well I think, though I suspect I could have gone down a size. Some fabric bought from the Birmingham Fancy Silk Store (it's cotton though). I had a pattern for a wrap-around top too but didn't quite have enough material for that one, that and I seem to be too curvy for the measurements at the moment anyway. There's enough leftover fabric that I might be able to make myself a paintbrush wrap for my otherwise badly-treated paintbrushes.

I'm part-way through another batch of CSM tube socks and still knitting up space-dyed yarns on the Passap for scarves. 80 stitches and 800 rows in 1x1 rib at s/s 4/4 (it's 4ply acrylic) seems to produce a reasonable scarf, though the next one might be 100 stitches side instead for a less skinny version. I set the motor to stop every 50 rows and now I can't recall how to cancel that, but it means I keep an eye on the yarn level I suppose!

Current mood: happy

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