Tuesday, October 29

If it seems too good to be true...

Whilst perambulating on Facebook I came across a website selling "too good to be true" knitted garments - amongst lots of very nice dresses and boots. There's a company called ChicV who seems to have many websites selling garments using pictures stolen off Ravelry. Kaffe Fassett was one of the designers (his famous autumn leaves coat) - even I recognise that one! Anybody daft enough to buy one gets a PRINTED design on thin material, if they even get their goods. I have to admit I was initially tempted, but the website has NO contact details whatsoever, and the search algorithm can't even distinguish between a dress and a skirt. If it looks like a fish, and smells like a fish...?! Shame on you, whoever you are! Have reported the site to FB - Wish is another one. They were selling them as  "buy 3 garments, get 4th free" . Yeah, RIGHT.

I'm so boring I've never knitted anything rip-offable, but I would be gutted if I ever found anything of mine supposedly for sale elsewhere. There's no substitute for handknitting!

Interesting blog post here, from a librarian who had the nous to dig a little deeper...

In happier news, I have knitted the back of my snowflake garment. Turns out when working lace, less is more in terms of holes. Took two further attempts but I am much happier with it now! Couldn't find a decent 6 pointed lace chart online so came up with my own. Am now working a sharktooth hem by hand (after the machine choked on the sequins). It'll be rad! :)

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