Tuesday, January 5

Yet another hat, and almost a scarf

Happy New Year! I hope you are well! We went back into lockdown 3 on the 6th January. It's getting BORING now - but on the plus side, no having to de-ice the car of a morning. I'm actually looking forward to getting proper snow, because this winter we'll actually get to play in it like big kids and not have to navigate it in the car. Always got to look for the upside!


Yet another handknit hat - this is from two ends of leftover sock yarn, held together. I love the way the colours alternate, a happy accident! I really need to donate some of these hats but I love them all so much, it's hard to let them go.


Almost finished, bar completing the fringing, the garter stitch scarf I started last week. It's some sort of Shetland wool from Uppinghams which doesn't appear to felt, despite not being marked as superwash. For personal reference, the pictures below indicate the positions of the end stitch cams (green) and the RH turnaround cam (white). It didn't seem to matter where I put the LH turnaround cam, it seemed to affect the patterning, so consequently I left it out in the end. They work by reducing the "turnaround" time where the garter carriage isn't knitting, so speed up the overall knitting. According to the scant instructions that come with them, anywhere within 24 sts of the edge should work. Some experimentation is required, methinks.



Tripper for the KH950i


Current mood: weary but coping.

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