Friday, November 4

Teaching a new mknitter

Just met a lovely lady who'd bought a basic knitmaster machine without a manual, and got her going on it. Good job I went - recommending a weaving cast-on, to someone who doesn't have a weaving carriage, is a bit silly. We figured it out and got it going after a few false starts and she was really pleased with it. That and she's left-handed. It really helps to have someone show you how to use the machine - it's not at all obvious how to do certain things, but as soon as someone shows you, you have an "aha!" moment.

She had some gorgeous yarns - far more than I've got - and gave me some beautiful DK as payment for the teaching. Left her with a basic book, will pop back in a few weeks or so to see how she's getting on with it.

Quite a few experts had said it was a far too basic machine, wouldn't have bought it, blah blah blah, but for basic stocking stitch scarves, it's fine - and it's not helpful to encourage beginners by immediately telling them they've got the wrong machine.

Feeling really pleased that I managed to help her out.

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