Sunday, November 6

Yarn and machines - they attract each other!

I'd only got off the 'phone from speaking to a smashing lady who has just sold me an immaculate knitting machine, and someone else offered me one to buy! These things attract each other! Weird! Might try and sell the other one for her, because I don't think I need any more somehow!

Have been over to look at the machine, it's an electronic so lots more to get to grips with, and have also bought some lovely yarns and some books. Not sure G is too impressed, but it's my money, so there. Plus he's collecting gadgets and guitars, so I think I'm entitled.

Going to the first regional meeting on Saturday, really looking forward to it!


Bee said...

Hi , Would be kind to tell what the other machine available is???
Looking for SK 560.
Cheers Bee

steelbreeze said...

No idea Bee. She hasn't bothered to call me, and the lady who told me of the machine is a sewer, and couldn't even tell me the make.