Sunday, May 21

Finally forwards...

...after weeks of frustration and making more of a mess with my MK courseworks than finishing, I seem to be on the right track again. I have to learn that it's no good tackling an MK project at 9pm of an evening, when I've already had a 8.5 hour day at work, and gym, and cooking etc.

Got the new collar on the white fairisle - I might redo the front seam, as it's a bit kinky at the obvious end, and Kahlood has given me advice on making the edge slightly less wavy - poke a needle through the bottom edge and give it a sharp tug. It was done at tension 0, so I don't know how I could have made it any tighter! :)

The blue fairisle is now done, it just needs making up, and I am resisting the urge to use the Hague linker and sewing by hand.

Made a complete new start on the lace jumper - it was such a mess, it was worth re-starting - must concentrate on finishing the other two first, the lace one will have to be for extra credit.

Work has to be submitted one or two weeks after Whitsun, which is next weekend. July we are attempting a meal at the Dragon Phoenix again. I say attempting, because last time they had a flood. This time it'll probably burn down! lol

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