Wednesday, May 31

See that rug? Whoosh!

Conflicting news about the MK course I'm on. My friend W (who's on the sewing course) tells me it may not run next year. Basically, funding has been reduced for adult education courses.

According to the website, it will run, but it won't be free anymore. I don't mind paying something towards it (towards what, I'd like to know - the MK teacher doesn't come on Saturdays!), but if it's anything like the £600 I've been told, then there's no way!

I'm struggling to get my first year courseworks finished, and discover that there may not be a second year to my course. That's just not playing fair, after all the saturdays I've committed to it!

Finished the lace jumper, just need to get some ribbon for it. Fed up.

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