Thursday, September 7


Had a smashing time on Tuesday night, the Builth SnBrs made me an honorary member!! They're such a lovely bunch! Hope Vicky has fun in Oz, sorry, such a lot going on I didn't get to say goodbye! Everyone admired the sweet pea shawl, if it turns out well it's a keeper!

They told me we were only an hour's drive away from Colinette, and there was a light railway for G to look at and.... and... and he agreed to take me! What a sweetie! En route, we checked out Newtown (lovely little town!) where I got a better crochet hook, and we checked out the weaving museum. Then onto Colinette at Llanfair Canaerion - I could have spent all my wages in there, especially on the coned yarns in the sale area. Settled on 5 hanks of point 5 and some other bits and bobs. The riot of colour in that warehouse has to be seen to be believed! I wanna go again!

Then onto Welshpool, where I located a combined yarn and sewing shop, that also sold sheet music! Weird! Bought two nice fat quarters and some baby DK.

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