Saturday, September 9

That Wales stash in full... and MK course blues...

Yikes! Luckily yarn is squashy, and we had room in the car! So much for destashing! Ok, I admit it - I'm an addict!

I can also shamefacedly admit I got nowhere on the Rowan cardigan-waistcoat thingy... I need to match it against the other side, and then it's full steam ahead....

Spoke to Kath about the MK course I'm half way through - she agreed that I can do it "distance learning". It's no longer running on Saturday, as there'd only be 3 people attending and they need 12. It's a real blow for my friend W, who was half way through the sewing course. I was hoping to attend that next year, fat chance! :( However, this may well work in my favour - Saturdays were a big commitment, and as long as I make time to complete in the evenings, Kath offered to meet me on a few evenings if I get stuck. So all is not lost.

Ruddy government. Mind you, when I enrolled, the lad behind me had 5 courses to take, at £220 each. Yikes!

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