Thursday, September 14

Lizard afghan - MK version

Working on converting the Lizard Ridge afghan from Knitty Fall 06 to MK. Watch this space!

There's some reasonable Noro on eBay.... must resist, must resist! Argh! Bought a dye kit from D T Craft & Design, must dig out some white cotton or wool now. I can safely say I've spent far too much money on yarn this month, and I've the NEC show to go yet! Think I might have to comfort myself with just the programme :)


Finally met H, the manager of the local hobbycrafts - really nice lady, and a fellow knitter. They have a whole new range of yarns called "Pallette", very pretty. Lots of R2 (paper yarn) and Sirdar New Fizz on sale, plus a bit of Rowan. The R2 is interesting, but the only patterns they seem to have are for shrugs and mini ponchos - a poncho that only comes down to nipple level. Can't see the point of that meself. It might be ok for an edgy, street kinda jumper I suppose, but you'd have to guess the quantities....

Good meeting last night, wonderful to see D again! Afraid I didn't talk to her much, there was so much going on! Did a bit more on the shawl, and she did a bit on the recycled carrier bag. The Rowan project is stalled again - I started an arm, but it doesn't look wide enough. Plus I really want to start working on that Colinette. Pah! I should really finish up the three (yes, three!) bags in the UFO queue first - it's the sewing bit, you see, and it requires some time and concentration, neither of which I have much of at the moment.

At the NEC on saturday, on the MK stand. Must dig out my Yarn! t-shirt, methinks.

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