Thursday, November 16

Feed the Children blanket squares

Coventry Retired Service and Voluntary Personnel are knitting blankets for Africa (Feed the Children). They are knitting squares in DK wool, using 3.75mm needles, 30 sts and approx. 45 rows (roughly 16cm square). I worked out the following squares for a knitting machine:

4ply, std m/c, T6, 49 sts x 68 rows
DK, chunky m/c, T3, 30 sts x 44 rows
DK, std m/c, T9, 40 sts x 55 rows
Aran, chunky m/c, T6, 27 sts x 36 rows

I might just knit them in strips, save on sewing up time. These are based on the Brother KH836, and the KH260.

Their target this year was 1000 blankets, they've reached that just recently and there's still 5 weeks to go this year.


landofoz said...

Thank you so much that saves time


landofoz said...
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penny said...

I,d love to donate squares I can mk those. But where do I send them and do they also have to be put together first? thank you for the info,I am still a beginner at this and want to do something helpful.

Penny Spencer.Minnesota