Tuesday, December 12

Famous at last!

Yep, I made it into the local newspaper today. A rather blurry picture of me balancing a broom-handle knitting needle on the, ahem, derriere of a breakdancer who had to pose upside down for some time. Got an excellent view of his pecs, nice six pack!

The blue n green street artists stole the show, (and the main pic, lol!) - they were really good! Poor old tapdancers didn't even get a mention. One was the spitting image of Eastender's Little Mo.

It was freakin' freezing yesterday, the car park queues were unbelievable for a Monday morning, and I was sooo glad to get into a car with a good heater and back to work for a hot coffee!

'twas all to publicise an arts event at the Ricoh Arena in February - not sure what we're doing there yet, either a knit-a-thon or a teach people to knit workshop! Must talk to Kellie about what we plan to do....

Another LR afghan square last night - did make a start on a jumper for my niece which I guess I should really concentrate on.... too addictive!

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