Tuesday, December 12

Lessons I have learnt - reprise

Finally confronted the office gossip last week - I deliberately picked a day when she was on reception so that (a) I wouldn't chew her out as much as I wanted to and (b) I wouldn't have to continue the conversation at my desk.

Apparently it was totally taken out of context, and she meant nothing by it. I know what I read, but I shall keep my own counsel for the sake of keeping the peace. Having tried to be a good christian and forgiven her, there is still the nasty taste of betrayal in my mouth. Despite her words, I am glad I read that e-mail. Forewarned is forearmed as far as such characters go. To mis-quote R Stevens of Diesel Sweeties fame (www.dieselsweeties.com),


The fact that she didn't even have the decency to approach me is a pretty good indication of her character, IMHO.

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