Saturday, December 30

More media exposure and an experiment!

Coventry Knit-Wits were in the local newspaper again last Thursday. I knew it'd probably be in on the week I'm nowhere near Coventry and can't get a copy! Hopefully K (yolanda gypsy) has saved me a copy!! Apparently it was nearly a full page photo and has a pic of yours truly, W, and K in it. Can't wait to see it! Asked my mum to save me a copy, but she managed to lose the last one we were in and had to raid the neighbour's recycling, so I'm not holding my breath this time!

Also K was on BBC Coventry radio on Thursday night - she did a sterling job, considering she only had 10 minutes.

I'm experimenting with a wider version of the Lizard Ridge afghan. I've cast on 100 stitches - you can't make the full width one as on the Knitty site, as most chunky machines don't go up to 184 needles (you could achieve this with a Bond though you'd need a looong table!).

Row 4 you centre the 8 stitch blob around needles 40-20-0-20-40, and row 10 a half blob around both 50s and a full blob around 30-10-10-30. I'm using scraps of any old yarn I have to hand - may take it off the machine before I'm finished as I can't do anything else whilst it's on there - will take it off onto WY and photograph it. It's OK, though the blobs are further apart than on the small squares. I may have to recalculate it, see if I can't work out a formula for getting them closer.

I seem unable to summon up the courage to partly frog the pink jumper with the too-long arm - it's sewn up so well I can't see the stitches. Pah! Got January's Knit Today and think I've found a pattern for the dusky pink aran yarn.

Finished the Rowan jacket thing last night, well, not the sleeves, and not sewn up. Think it may become either a short-sleeved jacket or a waistcoat - bagged the last two balls of yarn at Hobbycraft yesterday, and managed to resist buying more yarn. I just can't help myself!

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sandra said...

Happy new year! More yarn, needles and knitting projects in 2007.!