Thursday, December 28

Last minute xmas projects, and LR progress

This is the blanket I completed on 23rd December. It's full needle rib, the entire length of the chunky machine bed and I used up a few oddments to make it. Mental note - FNR on the chunky gauge should be kept to no thicker than 4ply. It was ruddy hard work!

One skein scarf, crocheted from the "Happy Hooker" book. Alas, I failed to compare the length required with the length I had, so had to skimp a bit - lost a row of trebles, and cheated on the bobbly edge somewhat. Just made it by the skin of my teeth! This was made with the Bergere yarn I got at the xmas Knit-Wits meeting.

Lizard Ridge squares - the progress so far! Aren't they purdy?!

Crocheted ipod case, also from the "Happy Hooker" book. Alas, it fits the old ipod and is a little too big for the nano. Now it's been opened I can measure up, and make a smaller version.

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