Wednesday, December 27

Santa's been!

I got some cool presents this year - The Knitter's Handbook by Montse Stanley. Who knew there were 15 odd cast-on methods? I only knew there were 2! Funnily enough I'd bid on this book on Ebay before xmas, and missed out by 50p. Other presents? Two nighties that don't fit, a gorgeous pink cashmere sweater that does, an electric razor and the best gift, the Evenstar pendant from the Lord of the Rings. Yolanda_gypsy has one and I've often fancied it, but had never mentioned it to the Cog. Uncanny or what?! Also Red Dwarf series 7 and 8 which completes my collection, the entire box set of "Goodnight Sweetheart", a cute cat keyring, some nice towels and tea-towels for the house. Plus quite a lot of Lush bathbombs - the Cog is pleased there's no glitter or stars this year, as he ended up wearing some last year!

Eaten far too much over the last two days to the point my stomach's complaining - most of the rich food has been eaten now anyway.

Made another LR square, which brings the total up to 6.

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