Monday, January 22

MK stuff I want to try

To try:

KRC900 double bed colour changer std & bulky
KG 88 garter carriage
RJ1 double bed jacquard carriage (Silver Reed)

Garter bar
Using a punched card and the KC setting to indicate the start points of cables
double-bed jacquard
Ladder-backed fairisle
Ladder-backed dbj
Heart slip-stitch <-- tried - went wrong! :(
Circular yoked sweater
Hand-manipulated lace on the chunky
Reversible dbj


I also tried tuck lace yesterday - it's tuck, but you leave certain needles out of work. Makes quite a nice fabric, I may use it for a baby shawl or scarf or something.

Really pleased with yesterday's reversible jacquard - it's a pity it takes so long, it would be perfect for a blanket!


Mary Beth said...

Ohhh, making a list is so, well, rational and organized! It's very helpful, I think I should adopt such an approach!

steel breeze said...

Ha! I like to give the impression of being organised, but you should see my craft room. Yarn, swatches and gadgets piled everywhere. I have to clear it every so often so I can remember what colour the carpet is!! :)