Sunday, January 21

Reversible double-bed jacquard, and another LR square

I produced this on my chunky machine - you set the ribber carriage to slip both ways, and select all the ribber needles opposite non-selected main bed needles. As the beds are at half pitch, I picked the needles to the immediate right. It doesn't matter what you pick, as long as you are consistent. The coloured sections are technically a tube with one colour either side - the pattern locks them together, as it were.

If Brother were still making knitting machines, a built in "reversible" switch would be top of my wish-list (plus lili buttons for bird's eye backing on the chunky). This is all done by hand, so takes some time. It can only be done on machine such as Brother, which pre-select the pattern. You wouldn't be able to see which needles were selected on a Silver Reed.

DBJ settings:

Brother MB carriage - KC (KCII if available), part/slip both ways

Jacquard typeMethod
2 row stripeR carriage set to knit both ways, colours changed every 2 rows (2 cols only)
1 row stripeR carriage set to K left, part/slip right
Plain backedR carriage - K2 rows, part/slip 2 rows
Bird's eyeR carriage set to part/slip both ways, lili buttons and lili slide lever selected if available(can also set r carriage to tuck if required). Note if using lili buttons, there must be an even no of Ns in work on the ribber bed. If hand-selecting, ensure to select odds one row, evens the next.
ReversibleR carriage set to part/slip both ways, hand select RB needles opposite non-selected MB needles to D position

Another Lizard Ridge square - this is a gorgeous colourway! I'm tempted to start steaming some of these squares and sewing them together. But then I'm worried I won't like the arrangement when they're all together. Checked back on the handknit pattern, and you're only supposed to do 4 repeats of the pattern and not 5. Never mind, it means I can make the afghan wider and use less squares in the height (4 squares JSH style = 5 squares Knitty style!)

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Daria said...

Dear Steel Breeze,

At first I want to apologize for my bad english. I'm sorry for that!
My mother is a enthousiastic knitter with the knitter machine, but she doesn't understand your explanation of reversible knitting. I tried to translate your explanation to her, with no sense. She still doesn't understand it, because I don't have a lot knowlege about revisible knitting, even about knitting itself!
I find it hard explain to her what she has to do. That's why I am asking your help.
Could you explain everything on an easier way, so she could be able to knit a shawl?

Kind Regards,