Monday, February 5

At least the cramp was worth it !

Finally read the patterns into the machine last night at about 9.30pm - looked OK from the little bit I examined. No drop-outs, anyway! Will have to hunt out some proper plastic leads, those pencils won't last forever, and they're not cheap! I might even have some at home in my old technical drawing pencil case. Not sure they were very shiny, though - I seem to remember they were more black than shiny!

Now I just need to find a block of time available when I can sit down and create the banner without interruptions - it'll take a few hours, might have a go on Saturday. Can't decide whether to go for bird's eye or striped background. I think the former!


Had a bit of a play this weekend with cameras. I made a little film with my webcam, to help fellow mk blogger Susan  out with her linker which was making funny noises and not working properly. I also made a little film of me pile knitting, which went OK till the camera batteries died on me. Very impressed with the camera - the sound and picture quality were excellent, better than the webcam when I was actually wearing a proper microphone. Unfortunately it's in .mov format, so I can't do anything fancy with it eg subtitles etc. Anyone recommend any decent video editing software that can handle both AVI and MOV formats? Yes, I did try a free convertor - sound track fine, but pictures went into slow-motion mode, totally useless! Might take it to work, the animation software I use has a post-processor, it might just do the trick.

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