Sunday, February 4

Machine knitting humour and wrist cramp

I was explaining to my partner about my Silver Reed needing the mylar to be shiny to be able to read the pattern.

"Oh", he said. "Is that why they're called Silver Read?" (groan).

I told him they used to be called Studio, but got taken over by the people that also made typewriters.

"Write!" he said (another groan) .

Jokes like this is why I spend so much time in my knitting room! :)

Nah, he's a sweetie really!


Spent most of the weekend colouring in 8 (count 'em!) mylar sheets to make a big logo for the Coventry Knit-Wits. Got wrist cramp doing it. Then realised I should've used the proper pencil - HB lead just ain't shiny enough. So been going over it for the last few hours. Pah!

Had a go at doing tuck lace on the Silver Reed earlier. Couldn't figure out why it was making such a mess and coming off the machine. Suddenly a light-bulb went on - hit the reverse colour switch. Duh! It was trying to tuck on 4 adjacent needles, of course it fell off! Do I feel like a plonker or what?!

Sorry the pic's a bit blurry, but the camera is playing silly devils again tonight. The needles are arranged oo12345oo12345oo12345 etc and needle 1 tucks for four rows, then needle 5 tucks for four rows. You get a nice lacey effect.

Another lizard ridge square, and a bit further on the hand-knitted socks. Loud, aren't they? Squeaky sec admired them - afraid I don't believe her anymore. So what if she thinks I'm a kook? I am, and I don't even care! :)

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