Monday, February 26

Swung stocking stitch, hand-manipulated

Click for a bigger picture.

I can't take any credit for this, that goes to Alison Lee of the Machine Knitter's Guild. You should be able to create a lace card for this, where you're not limited to a multiple of six - anything that divides into your pattern card, eg 12, 24 etc. I couldn't get it to work, but then I'm lousy at counting. :)

Using the pattern above, you can use the multiple transfer tool to transfer groups of stitches. You should fill in the gap created by the stitches marked in red with the heel of the next adjacent (non-transferred) stitch.


styledbykristin said...

Your contact button isn't working - where else can I find your email address? I would like to ask you a knitting machine question.



steel breeze said...

You can contact me on xelphinus (at) yahoo (dot) com