Tuesday, February 27

Tuck blanket - Thomas and I

Thomas the cat and I have an understanding. It drives me crazy that he sits and sheds on the back of the armchair in the middle of the room (he has two other beds). It's the first thing anyone sees when they enter the living room. So he does it lots. I guess it's a good kitty vantage point, but as we've never been invaded by strange cats I'm not entirely sure why it should be so popular.

Not to be beaten, I made a throw - will add a piccie when it's done.

T to suit yarn - I used T6 on the standard machine with two ends of 2ply cotton.
CO 200 sts or width of bed (e-wrap or latch tool), K1 row
Set carr to KC, lock card 1 on row 1, K1 row
Release card, set carriage to tuck in both directions.
K600 rows, or length to suit.
Cast off - bind off st 1 and every foll 25th stitch behind gatepegs, rest in front.
Wind yarn around cassette box and use to make fringe, secure with a lark's head knot. Or knit a fringe.

Insert under cat.

I win!

current mood: devious and relieved


Julie said...

Thomas looks very pleased with his new throw I must say. :)

Nutty Knitter said...

Thomas looks as smug as can be. What tuck punchard did you use? I have just made a baby blanket using card 2 (I have a knitmaster 360 standard) 296 needles and 450 rows and its a quarter of the size! This will teach me to do a swatch-something I loath!