Thursday, February 15

Vertical stripes in double bed jacquard

If your knitting machine has lili buttons (Brother KR850) or does the bird's eye backing (Silver Reed/Studio RJ1), you can fool it into knitting vertical stripes on the reverse.

Set your machine up to knit dbj as usual, remembering to have an even number of needles in work on the ribber bed. Set your machine up to knit the bird's eye backing.

Put up an extra needle each end for two rows and then drop them and knit two rows. The colour change would be in the middle of the two rows - so the sequence would be K to the right add one st each end, k to the left, change colour, k to the R, drop edge sts, k to the L, change colour. Repeat all four rows.

The added needles don't actually knit, so you are not increasing the size of your knitting. They just fool the lili selection.

Try not to answer the telephone in the middle like I did, or the stripes could get swapped! Oops!

Thanks to the members of the Yahoo! group knittingmachines for this one!

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