Sunday, March 4

Another Lizard Ridge, another day

It has rained relentlessly today, so apart from a quick jaunt to the local Co-Op when I bought dishwasher tablets (not needed) and failed to get detergent tablets (needed) we've been slobbing about the house all day. Only two more balls of Kureyon to go, and then I'm waiting on deliveries. Pity the UK company I picked was out of stock and is only sending one ball - the US does not seem to have such problems. I should have told them to cancel the order - the delivery charge for one ball alone is a bit steep really.

The weekend has gone too fast again, boo hoo! I don't wanna go to work tomorrow, I wanna stay home and knit! Sob!

Failed to make it out of the house after dinner, as was plyed with chardonnay and a rather cheeky bordeaux. I have to drink my wine around here else the Cog drinks my share for me! Huh!

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