Sunday, March 4

Sideways tuck zig-zags

(click for a bigger picture)

Set needles as follows on both beds:


Set ribber to half pitch
Cast on and knit three rows circular as per normal rib.
Set MB carriage to tuck left, knit right and the ribber carriage to knit left, tuck right.

K 1 row
Use racking handle to rack one position so that

.|| becomes .||     (MB)
||. becomes   ||.   (RB)

or vice versa, ie so that the ribber needles rack either side of the main bed needles. K1 row
Rack back, K1 row

Continue this for as long as you want the knitting to bias in one direction. To change direction, K a row without racking first.

For example:
*K1 row, RTL
K1 row, RTR, rep from * 10 times.
K1 row.
*K1 row, RTL
K1 row, RTR, rep from * 10 times.

(note: RTL = rack to left, RTR = rack to right)

The non-racked row changes the direction of the zigzag, for some reason. Ignore the uneven length of zigzags, I got distracted and lost count. One of those amazing bits of machine knitting magic, brought to you courtesy of the amazing Bill King.

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