Wednesday, March 28

Half-clapotis, some progress

This was the half-clapotis on Friday, at Cafe Zurich. Note the really high-tech stitch markers (you can always click for a bigger image) - cheap black acrylic... I mean, I do have proper stitch markers, but they're the plastic C shaped type, and I didn't think they'd withstand being shoved in and out of my bag for too long.

It's grown quite a bit since then, 'cause we got to the airport so early and my PDA died after two games of scrabble (1 all - I'm getting better!), but I haven't had much energy to sort out my suitcase etc since I got back. Not had a lot of sleep - doesn't take much to disrupt my sleeping patterns, think I finally got off after 4.30 am this morning. Don't think I'd be much use at work today, it's taken me far too long just to post this so I reckon my brain is still on holiday, but reckon I should be OK tomorrow.

I just thought, a half-clapotis is either a clap or an otis. Clap is also a euphemism for VD, so I reckon I'll call the scarf Otis!! :)

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