Tuesday, March 27

Home again, home again...

...jigetty-jig. Now, why can't I remember which nursery rhyme that came from?! Post-food poisoning brain fog, that's what!

What with all the salmonella, completely forgot about the clocks going forward an hour. I wondered why the queue for our flight was really long (they'd had 1hr 15mins, not 15mins as I'd thought!). It's a good job we both felt so ill that we decided to spend most of yesterday afternoon in the airport - most of Barcelona's restaurants are outside, and it was a little chilly, so it was nice to sit somewhere warm with free access to toilet facilities! Didn't spot a single municipal toilet facility in Barcelona!!

Had to wait 20 mins to get off the flight because another one had landed just before, and then another 20 mins for the bags. Coventry airport should really look at expanding if they're gonna do that too often - it was quite a crush in the carousel area (a competitors, too).

Slept on the sofa last night as feeling really bunged up and flue-y, figured at least one of us should get some decent sleep, and the Cog can sleep for England!

Sticking to the BRAT diet for the next few hours (bananas, rice, apples, toast) and lots of water, must pop out to Bilton and get the fruit as we're out. It's nice to be home, just hope the worst is over. This was supposed to be a day off, let's hope I can get it commuted!

Not sure I'd want to visit Barcelona again - the railway staff were rude and offhand, and how on earth you can screw up a chicken pizza is beyond me! The hotel was nice though and the locals seemed lovely.

Going off in search of a handkerchief. I supposed I should be tackling the laundry mountain, and hosing down my suitcase (don't ask, it's disgusting!) but really not feeling up to it!

Got quite a bit done on the half-clapotis scarf, despite having to unpick a few rows 'cause I went wrong. Looking good!


ra said...

to market to market to buy a fat pig
home again, home agin jiggety jig.

Susan said...

To market, to market to buy me a pig.
Home again, home again jigetty jig.
Is that the one?

steel breeze said...

Yep, that's the one! Just found it on google, although it's not quite the words I remember!!

Anonymous said...

It was probably the chicken itself that did it. I could write you a complaint letter in Spanish, but I'm not sure what use that would be now. Such a shame though, food poisoning is naff at the best of times, let alone while on holiday.