Thursday, April 26

ho hum, a-frogging and a-sewing...

Sewed four heart-shaped buttons onto the DBJ jumper - it looks ace now! Frogged the lace from row 10, started again, still gained a stitch somehow! Did a K3tog, I guess I'm not a type A knitter!

Lace knitting is hard - you really need to concentrate! Maybe I'm a way off creating a wedding ring shawl! :)

Sewed up two charity tee tops, third one is odd shape and will have to be frogged. Sigh!

Made a detour via Green Lane this morning, so that I could check out the location of the new knitting shop. Cool!


Re the Bond knitter and ribber that I have offered to someone who wanted to make a "super bond"? I'm going to Freecycle it, as she doesn't seem in all that much of a hurry to come pick it up, and I am now tripping over it on the landing!! Serves me right for trying to be a good citizen I suppose. Tchoh!


SP said...

Oh, lace knitting becomes a lot easier with practice. Soon you'll be talking while you knit - but I don't recommend watching tv and knitting lace at the same time. Or working on a lace project after drinking cider. It took four hours to unravel four rows I knitted.

susies1955 said...

Bummer, I offered with a comment on the Fine gauge post you made to take the Bond off your hands. :o)
I hope whoever get it loves it.
Thanks anyway,

susies1955 said...

Thanks for the email and calling me 'Hon". I understand! I wasn't thinking that it would cost a ton to send over here.
Have a nice Knit night/day,