Wednesday, April 25

More el ar and lace knitting

Had to cast this one off THREE times, because I spotted a dropped stitch. Pah!

Started on "Earth lit only by fire". Yes, I may well be insane. Didn't have quite the right no. of stitches on the first row, hoping it sorts itself out on the third. Thank goodness the even rows are just purl! :)

Had 3 hour "death by powerpoint graph" meeting this morning, followed by shortest ever sales meeting (2 minutes). That's 3 hours of my life I'll never have again!

Oh well. Knit-Wits tonight - not sure whether to just take big pile of sewing up (three charity jumpers at least to sew up, not to mention the DB cardigan), or to take lace - needs concentration, not talking, as I am following a chart!

We shall see.

Perhaps lace knitting is a good use for all the industrial yarn I seem to have collected? And then again.... perhaps I really AM insane!

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