Saturday, April 28

A mile a minute!!

Yep, I need one more ball to make it into a proper square... This is laid out over our king size bed. Most of the pieces need steaming, too, which is the next job I suppose!

Last night's square...

This is the part I replaced. It was really easy to do, actually, once I'd figured out how to get it out of the machine.


What an excellent idea for hats!

Mile-a-minute hat

You just knit the hats in one continuous strip, then seperate them. Might be a good idea for hats for BISS.

Such a good idea, I wish I'd thought of it!

I've just bought this on Ebay. I suspect it might be the book Kath photocopied for me, in which case it's well worth having. Didn't realise but the Ebayer was Wendy Damon herself! Cool!

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