Sunday, April 29

The yarn that doesn't want to leave

I was given the left-over yarn from a friend's socks - a lovely variegated sock yarn in brick red, cream and blue. First I made it into a pair of toddler's socks. Thought I'd done a great job until I held the feet together - one was 30 rows and one was 20. So, unpicked the lot. Decided I'd make a hat for Biss with the yarn. Lots of hassles with needles tucking and not knitting. When it ran out I dug out a cone end in a greeny-blue. It kept snapping, but eventually I got a hat out of it. A bit long, mind - a bit "wee Willie winkie", in fact. Took it off the machine and threaded the yarn through all the stitches, intending to pull the top together. The yarn snaps again, dropping all the stitches.

Sometimes you just have to go with what the yarn is telling you, and give up! I wouldn't mind, but both projects were for charity! *sigh*

Maybe I'll try the hat again tomorrow, but as a flat piece instead.

current mood: annoyed

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