Sunday, April 1

Nottingham MK day

Spent most of the day at the Machine Knitting show in Nottingham, with Wendy G. It was really cool to go with someone else who's interested - last two years I've been with G and he's stuck around, bless him, despite having no interest whatsoever in fibre. I think we blew her mind today with all the wonderful fabrics you can create with a knitting machine. There was gorgeous yarn, tons of gadgets, magazines, books, jewellery wire (not sure I'm confident putting that through my machine yet!). She got the ladies on the Knitting Guild stand to teach her tunisian crochet, Beryl Jarvis showed us entrelac, I got to play with a sock machine, I chatted to the editor of Machine Knitting magazine who's looking for new designers... plus I picked up some yarn for my secret pal, I think she'll love it. I hope so, else I'll have it back! ;)

Also got advice on how to degunge the row counter on the Silver Reed - it just needs new oil, so not a major repair for an engineer like me!

Done a few more rows on the Otis scarf, in the back garden later:

I would've taken a better picture, ie one showing the bottom edge, but Thomas the cat immediately decided I'd put the scarf out for him, and he tried to settle down on Otis and start paddling. Obviously has good taste in yarn...

Thomas: "If I lie down behind this grass, perhaps the birds won't see me?! What a plan!"
Me: "If you squash the bleeding heart that only just survived winter you'll definitely be seeing me!"

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