Friday, June 29

Lace hassles

Not getting much knitting done this week...

The lace got as far as almost 7 repeats, but had to be frogged back to 5 because I'd made such a mess of it. My progress is like a jagged saw-tooth - three steps forward, two steps back. But I will prevail!

It's been a really hectic week and I've not had much knitting time, excepting two hours on Wednesday night, when I worked on "Murphy's bag". Still not sure I'm happy with the edging I'm doing - not the base colour (I picked navy, should have been black) or how quickly I started using the eyelash yarn. Seems this bag wants to cause as much trouble as possible!

Off out tonight for a works leaving do. Looking forward to more Wagamamas and some beers - it's G's turn to drive tonight. Best not get too hungover - my new machine is coming tomorrow, and I've got to figure out how to assemble it before I get to play with it! I'm not sure I really want to go out - every night this week we've been out, and Friday is usually "our" night in, but never mind - it's not every day a colleague leaves. Might well be out tomorrow at a classical concert, too, and on Sunday, celebrating no-smoking finally coming to England.

Current mood: apathetic

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