Sunday, July 1

It's here!

Got my new machine yesterday afternoon...

The Passap manual's a bit, well, light on assembly instructions. In fact, it doesn't mention it at all! Luckily I think I figured it out eventually! Everything seems to be working just fine. Managed to get a little bit of 2x1 rib, and a bit of full needle rib off, before I foolishly turned the motor on and it stripped it off the machine! :) Need to read the instructions now I think! Managed to figure out how to get it to talk to me in English and not German, which is a start!

Can't take any credit for the above two samples - the seller created these as a demo. The two-colour one is double jacquard, and the other one is a tuck pattern. Passaps can tuck for more rows than japanese machines, as it's the strippers, not the weights, that hold the tuck loops out of the way.

Knitting room re-arranged - it looks really tidy, but that's because five bags of yarn and scraps are in the bathroom (we also have an ensuite, so don't use that one much). The Silver Reed collapsed as I was moving it around - turns out one of the screws holding the table up has gone AWOL, so that could have happened at any time! Luckily I have a spare table, and the Silver Reed survived. I think I found a screw on the floor some time ago and couldn't figure what it was for. Duh!

Poor old Brother KH836 and its ribber have been put away. Still, it'll be going to the Coventry Godiva Festival, so perhaps it's good that it's packed away ready! Must find a replacement screw for that table, though!

Unpicked the last LR square and re-did it. A bit knotty, because I had to join more in on both ends. I must get back into this afghan, I'm so close to finishing it!

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dancingbarefoot said...

Your new toy looks like hours of fun. :) I just got a Passap Duomatic at a thrift shop, too, but unlike yours it's missing a lot of functional parts. Oh well... it can be my project. I expect you'll be tinkering with it and have a finished project in no time.

The Lizard Ridge square looks fantastic, too. Can't wait to see the finished blanket.