Monday, July 16

Knitting With Intent...

Or knitting within tent - geddit? ....

Coventry Godiva Festival 2007, Greenspace tent. Click on the pics for bigger pictures.

Some pictures of the stand, before the hordes arrived. By Sunday I'd attached yarn to the knitted banner, and hung it from the tent pole. Saturday was v busy, with beautiful weather. Sunday was a lot quieter, with wet weather and lots of mud! Had a lot of interest in the group.

I kept getting "attacked" by money spiders on Saturday - probably about 15, I lost count. Had quite a few on Sunday, too. Forgot to put a lottery ticket on, waaay too tired on Saturday!

Thanks to everyone for helping out on the stand, lending us boards and the tailor's form, and lending us stuff to exhibit. A special thankyou to my other half "The Cog", not even a knitter, who helped me load and unload the car both days.

Everyone though the octpus was either a hat, or a bird-cage cover. :)

Made two charity tee tops, and two blankets - might seam the blankets together, as they are a little on the thin side. Especially as I forgot to adjust the tension on one and did it at T10 instead of T7. Doh!

Got lots of compliments on the knitwear - we could've sold Linda's jacket, Julie's scarf, the starfish and the dolphin several times over. It was quite amusing to watch the relief on the adult's faces when told the items being brandished by their children were not for sale!!

I'd've booked today off as holiday, but we're in the middle of a major job at work, so I didn't feel I could. It's nice to have some work to do for a change, even if it is borderline tedious!

The lace knitting continues apace - I'm on the eighth or ninth repeat, I think. A couple of minor mistakes occurred - extra stitch at the end of a row - but couldn't figure out where the mistake was, so cheated.

Decided to make some lace on the Silver Reed. First attempt sunday night (bearing in mind I'd been knitting for two days already at this point!) I forgot to put the N1 cam on. As I was creating a diagonal shawl, this would mean the 24st pattern would continually start at the left edge, and never line up. Second attempt I completely ignored the arrows on the lace card, so again I don't think the pattern will line up. Ho hum. I think I need to start again!!

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